How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Face Fast

how to get rid of dark spots on face fastLots of herbal and pharmaceutical products are available for those looking into how to get rid of dark spots on face fast. Sometimes, homemade creams and masks are more effective than commercial ones, as they’re poorer in chemicals that can alter skin’s appearance and structure.

There are, on the other hand, some highly qualitative creams and gels that can be safely applied on the skin areas affected by dark spots, wrinkles, pimples and scars, with excellent results and no side effects.

Take a look below to see some of the most efficient natural cures (best face cream for dark spots for women) for hyperpigmented and aged skin, as well as our recommendation if you’re searching for a pharmaceutical product to show you how to remove dark spots on face.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Face Fast With Sour Juices

Sour juices obtained from citrus fruits are excellent allies when it comes to removing scars, pimples, freckles and dark spots on face, as these juices are rich in bleaching ingredients and have strong antioxidant properties, revitalizing skin, making it look evenly pigmented and rejuvenated.

Thus, if you’re wondering how to get rid of dark spots of face fast, applying a mixture of lemon, grapefruit and lime juice on the affected areas daily can be a good starting point. Mix these and soak a cotton ball into the obtained liquid, applying on the skin and waiting until it dries. Repeat and rinse with cool water.

How To Remove Dark Spots On Face Naturally Using Green Tea

Green tea is incorporated in numerous skin care products thanks to its high content of polyphenols which fight against free radicals, toxins that can cause damage to facial skin. By drinking more green tea and applying it on the face daily, one can get rid of dark spots faster, as skin’s coloration is restored and dead cells in the top layers are eliminated, making room for new ones.

Green tea is also a great energizer and tonic for skin, as it enhances circulation, brings more nutrients to the top layers and is proven even to reactivate some of the dying skin cells. This is very important not only for those wondering how to get rid of dark spots on skin but also to those looking for treatments for psoriasis, rosacea, skin ulcers, burns and wounds.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Skin By Eating More Green Veggies

Green veggies can improve skin’s appearance and remove dark spots thanks to cholophyll, ingredient found in large amounts in this category of foods and known to improve circulation and to make skin clear and radiant.

Active principles in green vegetables help the body eliminate toxins more efficiently and bring more oxygen to skin cells, restoring its healthy aspect. Also, they inhibit bacteria from attacking skin cells and keep the tissues properly nourished, thus prevent the signs of aging, among which the occurrence of dark spots.

How To Remove Dark Acne Spots With Olive Oil

For the removal of dark acne spots, an excellent natural solution is olive oil, which is very rich in fatty acids, minerals and vitamins required for a healthy skin. Applied twice a week, olive oil helps in removing bacteria and dead skin cells, in restoring skin’s natural moisture and in enhancing circulation and delivery of nutrients.

The result is a less pigmented skin, looking rejuvenated and youthful. To help the active principle in this oil enter skin faster, you can apply it on the dark spots after slightly warming it. The oleic acid in olives will leave the skin supple, smooth and radiant.

How To Remove Facial Dark Spots Using Flaxseed Oil

Oil obtained from flaxseeds is very rich in vitamins, especially vitamin E, which is known to stimulate circulation and to boost blood flow to skin layers, helping in the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to skin’s surface.

By doing so, flaxseed oil sustains the growth and development of new, healthy skin cells, which can replace old ones that accumulate on the surface and often lead to an uneven pigmentation. A better oxygenized skin is less likely to be affected by dark spots, as these are often the result of dehydration, insufficient nutrients and an altered blood supply.

How To Treat Dark Spots On Face With Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has the advantage of being gentler to the skin than citrus juice for example but it is just as powerful and efficient in bleaching skin and removing dark spots as lemon or lime juice.

To take advantage of this natural solution for hyperpigmented skin, you only need to soak a cotton ball into the freshly made tea and apply it on the skin areas that are most affected by dark spots.

This tea can be refrigerated and use several times a day, as the revitalizing effect will be even more pronounced when the liquid will be applied on the skin slightly cool. Obviously, you can use the tea in combination with honey and lemon juice for a more complex facial mask, but this requires more time for all the ingredients to penetrate the skin and exert their effects.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Face Fast With Castor Oil

Although not so popular as other home remedies, castor oil can be very effective in removing dark spots on face and leaving the skin lighter and evenly pigmented as it contains large amounts of antioxidant and skin-friendly acids.

The anti-inflammatory effect of this oil prevents radical acids from making the skin look aged and tired and keeps wrinkles away. Also, the oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin, improving its texture and elasticity and leaving it softer and less dry.

Castor oil should be applied on brown spots twice a day, using a cotton ball. Given that this works as a spot-lightener, it should not be used on already light skin, that’s not affected by the signs of aging.

Still, if you don’t really have the time to prepare homemade masks and to apply these juices and oils several times a day until dark spots get lighter, you can simply get the Illuminatural 6i cream that can be found on It’s one of the best sold products for a rejuvenated and youthful-looking skin, so why not give it a try?

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