How To Get Rid Of Crows Feet Around Eyes

how to get rid of crows feet around eyesCrows feet can make you look tired and older than you really are, so if you’re curious to see how to get rid of crows feet around eyes once and for all, take a look at the remedies and home solutions suggested below.

These methods are very easy to apply, affordable and accessible, and they can be used in the comfort of your own home. Why pay for expensive procedures and do several visits at the beauty salon (best anti aging cream for women) when you can get the same results with some natural and completely safe products?

How To Get Rid Of Crows Feet Around Eyes By Protecting Eyes From Sun

Probably the smartest method of restoring your skin’s healthy aspect and getting rid of crows feet is to prevent the occurrence of new wrinkles and creases by wearing sun glasses and limiting exposure to sunlight.

Besides favoring the formation of the unattractive wrinkles, excessive exposure to sunlight also contributes to the premature aging of skin, to the occurrence of dark spots, freckles and fine lines due to the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers that have the role of supporting skin’s smoothness.

    How To Stop Crows Feet With Avocado

    Also effective in rejuvenating skin and restoring its youthful appearance by diminishing wrinkles and implicitly the crows feet is avocado, this fruit being an excellent natural moisturizer and antioxidant agent.

    Applied directly on the skin, in a freshly made mask, the fruit provides high amounts of vitamin E which penetrates the skin, nourishing and hydrating the tissue and preventing cell degeneration as well as the formation of new wrinkles.

    Moreover, the fruit blocks the harmful action of free radicals, making it easier for the body to avoid inflammatory processes which often affect the skin more than other organs. By preventing the damage produced by these factors, avocado masks make great allies for those wondering how to get rid of crows feet around eyes.

    Home Remedies For Crows Feet: Citrus Juices

    You can also rely on citrus juices for restoring your skin’s aspect and removing the wrinkles around eyes once and for all. Lemon and orange juices provide very high amounts of vitamins that are known to contribute to a smoother, more elastic and better nourished skin, so you should try this solution if you’re wondering how to remove crows feet around eyes.

    Mix the juice from one lemon with the liquid obtained from one orange then apply the mixture on the skin area around eyes. You can also add some essential oil to make it stickier. Wait until it dries and repeat the procedure then rinse with warm water.

    Natural Remedies For Crows Feet: Milk

    Milk is a natural solution to numerous skin problems so if you’re searching for home remedies for crows feet, you should also try this one. Soak a cotton ball into cool milk and apply it on the wrinkled skin, leaving it for a few minutes. Repeat the procedure several times a day.

    Milk contains two different acids, called alpha-hydroxy acid and glycolic acid, both known to improve the aspect of skin by removing dead cells in the top layers and stimulating the production of collagen fibers and the self renewal of the dermal tissue.

    Obviously, the faster the inactive layers of skin – made of dead cells – are removed and the faster new collagen fibers are produced and fill the cavities left by wrinkles, the faster crows feet disappears and skin regains its healthy and youthful aspect.

      Home Remedies For Crows Feet: Papaya Masks

      Just like avocado, papaya makes a great home remedy for this skin problem as it provides high amounts of ingredients that act as natural exfoliating agents, removing the top layers of inactive skin cells and making room for new, active cells and for new collagen fibers.

      Papaya should be applied on the skin, in a freshly made paste, alone or mixed with oatmeal for an enhanced effect. The mask should be left on the skin for 10 minutes or so, then removed and applied again when needed but not too often, to avoid damaging skin.

      Enzymes in this fruit will naturally stimulate the renewal of skin and will contribute to the diminishing of wrinkles but if used excessively, papaya masks can cause damage to the skin by not giving the tissue enough time to properly recover.

      How To Remove Crows Feet Around Eyes With Retinoid Creams

      Over-the-counter creams and ointments are sometimes easier to use and faster than homemade ones and lots of them use natural ingredients so they’re safe and just as effective as pastes and masks made of fruits and veggies.

      Such creams are those containing retinoids or vitamin A. This ingredient is one of the most powerful anti-aging agents, an excellent remedy against acne, scars, wrinkles and other similar skin problems.

      Opt for a cream that’s approved by dermatologists as this way you avoid applying unnecessary chemicals on the already damaged skin. An anti-wrinkle cream is probably the best option since this type of product is designed for the specific purpose of fixing the wrinkled appearance of crows feet.

      Best Crows Feet Treatment: Potatoes Slices

      Last on our list of quick and effective remedies for crows feet are potatoes, also rich in active principles that work by tightening skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. To take advantage of this solution, slice a fresh potato and place the slices around the eyes, leaving them on for 10 minutes.

      Remove the slices then clean the skin with a cotton ball moistened in cold water. Rinse with warm water and apply a moisturizer. Repeat twice a week if needed, but not more often as ingredients in these veggies are quite powerful and used too frequently can damage the skin.

      And if you feel like alternating these natural remedies with pharmaceutical ones, you can also try the Kollagen Intensiv cream found on, a cream that’s scientifically proven to diminish the crows feet and restore skin’s structure and beauty by stimulating the production of collagen inside skin layers.

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