How To Get Rid Of Body Hair For Women

how to get rid of body hair for womenWhen it comes to showing one how to get rid of body hair for women, both cosmetic procedures and natural products can be efficient.

But while most home and natural solutions are efficient in removing hair only temporary and require lots of applications for permanently stopping the growth of excess body hair, cosmetic procedures can lead to the same results much faster.

The only problem is these procedures and treatments are more expensive than natural ones, so this is why lots of women search not necessarily for cost-effective alternatives (best permanent hair removal cream for women) but for solutions that provide the best results for the paid money.

How To Get Rid Of Body Hair For Women With Spearmint Tea

A first solution that can be easily applied at home by those wondering how to get rid of body hair for women and that requires minimum investment refers to restoring the internal hormonal balance by taking spearmint supplements or tea.

This plant is known to reduce the level of male sex hormones and to decrease the growth of body hair, so if you’re suffering from excess hair growth and no other method works for you, give this solution a try.

Take the tea internally, alone or in combination with a calcium-D-glucarate supplement, which is also known to restore the normal production of hormones inside the organism. By doing so, excess hair will soon disappear and you will no longer need to remove it twice a week.

How To Permanently Remove Body Hair With A Home Electrolysis Machine

Another valid alternative, this time a more expensive one, recommended to those who have lots of excess, dark hair on their bodies, is the electrolysis machine for home use. This product is commonly used for permanently destroying hair follicles by sending an electrical current to the hairs and zapping them.

A special needle is used for this procedure, the device resembling a small ink pen, as the probe that sends the current is located just like the ballpoint in these pens. The only problem with these machines – besides the price, obviously – is that they also require several applications and more sessions for completely eliminating body hair.

It’s not recommended to remove the hair from an area larger than 1 square inch at one time, so if you have lots of excess hair this method might be just too time-consuming for you. In this case, searching for a more natural and more affordable approach can be a good idea.

How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Body Hair With Sugar

Probably the most popular method used as a solution to how to how to permanently remove body hair at home is the sugar waxing technique, which works just like regular waxing but uses a sugar paste instead of wax.

The method is very easy to use: you only need to buy some sugar and lemon juice, mix them with water and boil the mixture until it becomes a sticky paste. Apply it on the areas you want to eliminate hair from, in small strips, in the direction of the hair growth.

Wait for 5-10 minutes then pull it off in the opposite direction. Rinse with cold water and rub the area gently, with ice cubes, to calm the possible pain and irritation. You can repeat the procedure twice a week if needed, but not more often as it also exfoliates skin and doing it too often might damage the tissue.

How To Get Rid Of Body Hair Forever With Camphor

A less known but apparently very efficient method you can use for removing body hair at home is mixing camphor with white pepper and kerosene and applying the obtained paste on legs and arms.

This paste is very, very strong so it works as a natural hair removal solution, which makes hair fall off without any additional effort. Just apply the paste on the skin, leave it on for 10 minutes or so then remove it with warm water.

Make sure to ask your physician’s advice before opting for this method though as your skin might be a little too sensitive for such a powerful treatment.

How To Get Rid Of Body Hair For Women By Waxing It

Waxing is surely the most used solution for removing hair for a period of 2-6 weeks, the efficiency of this method being given by the fact that wax removes hairs from the root, unlike other solutions that only cut hairs, leaving the root as it is.

To use this method, you need to heat the wax at the temperature indicated on the container then apply it in the direction of hair growth, in a thin layer. Apply a cloth strip atop it, wait for a few minutes then pull it in the opposite direction.

You can also use cold wax but this is usually less efficient and more likely to cause irritation as it doesn’t penetrate skin as well as warm wax does. Also, it removes skin cells in the top layers in a less gentle manner, so it might be a little too painful for beginners.

How To Remove Pubic Hair For Women Using An Alkaline Cream

Alkaline creams available over-the-counter or in pharmacies can be successfully used for removing pubic hair as unlike other methods, this solution is less painful. Just make sure to get a cream that’s specially made for the delicate bikini area and apply it on the skin, removing with warm water.

Note that these creams only remove hair for a few days, but using this solution to how to remove pubic hair for women is surely more indicated than shaving it. Lots of women avoid beauty salons when it comes to removing hair from the pubic area and they also prefer not using waxing at home in this region, as it’s painful and time-consuming.

How To Get Rid Of Facial Hair On Women

A good home method for those wondering how to get rid of facial hair on women is using a paste made of turmeric, gram flour and milk. This mask is very powerful and efficient as a natural hair removal agent.

Mix the ingredients to obtain a thick paste, apply it on the skin and gently massage it. Wait for a couple of minutes then rinse with cold water. You might need to repeat the procedure twice a week or so, if you have lots of excess hair and they grow back quite quickly.

Or if you’re not really into homemade pastes and you prefer cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, you can always try the Ultra Hair Away solution available at! It’s powerful enough to inhibit the growth of new hairs after removing the already present ones, so it’s surely a good choice if you’re tired of repeating your hair removal routine weekly.

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